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Latest Bipolar RF Skin Care Tripolar RF Facial Rejuvenation

Latest Bipolar RF Skin Care Tripolar RF Facial Rejuvenation

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    35Khz to 47Khz Flat cavitation
    35Khz to 47Khz Focus cavitation
    Bipolar RF for face and body
    Tripolar RF for face and body

    The name of production is Cavitation RF

    35Khz to 47Khz Flat cavitation
    35Khz to 47Khz Focus cavitation
    Bipolar RF for face and body
    Tripolar RF for face and body

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    Cavitation RF function

    function 1

    Flat Cavitation

    function 2

    Focus Cavitation

    function 3

    Bipolar RF For Face And Body

    function 4

    Tripolar RF For Face And Body


    BIO 2F CAVITY is a generator of cavitational stable waves for the treatment of the panniculopatia adipose; at the moment it is the most advanced instrument for the panniculus adiposus and cellulite; it represents the last technological evolution of the machines of this part of market at high technological level. Thanks to sophisticated control mechanism in retroaction of working parameters(press-acoustic speed spread, temperature and deviation from the point of maximum efficiency) it represents the best technological choice for adipocitieslyses treatments.

    The basic working principle of BIO 2F CAVITY is the well-known physical phenomenon of cavitation. The ultrasonic waves(as all the sonorous waves) are constituted by expansion and compression cycles. The compression cycles exert a positive pressure on the fluid, bring the molecules nearer, while the expansion cycles exert a negative pressure that, vice-versa tend to move them away. During its expansion cycle a acoustic wave of adequate intensity may generate a micro cavity. In a fluid like the biological one, some attractive forces that determinate the molecular cohesion. So if a cavity would be developed, it is necessary a negative high pressure together with an expansion cycle of a acoustic wave, that would be able to face the existent molecular cohesion.


    In the low density tissue such as for example the adipose tissue, the molecular cohesion is reduced for the presence of cellular interstices and then they are enough negative pressures relatively low in order to define this phenomenon. So, when a tissue is subjected to a negative pressure of the expansion cycle of a acoustic wave, a negative pressure is created inside the liquids that produce a large amount of gas bubble that enlarge themselves until the decompression(or expansion)phase last. Then, an implosion follows with a consequent emission of collisions waves occurs.

    Then, cavitation results stable if it is constantly controlled in its emissions frequency in order to reduce, in any case the collateral thermal effects.


    The final effect, the intense cellular fragmentation that produce the spread of the adipocities liquid matrix(fat acids)in the intracellular spaces, where when they get in touch with interstitial fluids and the infiltration solution produce a stable emulsion. Often, in the cases of less density in the tissues the cavitational phenomenon is particularly intense until induce the composition of free radicals and the denaturization of lipoproteins component of the adipocitary membrane.

    These last biological effects are translated into a lipolytic action that will partically continue also after the end of the cavitation treatment. Then it is useful the body shaping and lymphatic drainage through vacuum-endodermic massage of treated area with Derma vacuum and Multi RF to eliminate the liquid and oily part of destructed adipocites.

     focus and flat CAVI.jpg

    Multi Polar RF(Bipolar RF and Tripollar RF) technology offers new scientific development in cellulite treatment, body sculpting, anti-aging and skin tightening. It involves applying electromagnetic (non-ionizing) waves to the body in order to return physiological processes that have slowed down to normal. These waves carry heat and energy deep into the skin creating an endothermic effect that has a positive effect on the lymphatic and vascular systems and on the adipose-connective structures.

    Effects on the body

    - reduces the phenomena of veno-lymphatic stasis

    - improves draining

    - accelerates fat metabolism

    - stimulates fibroblasts resulting in effective skin firming

    - improves tone

    Effects on the face

    - acts as a skin tensor

    - fills and smoothes wrinkles

    - dilates blood vessels

    - repairs and builds

    - firms

    - stimulates microcirculation

    - increases oxygen input and cell nutrition




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